Precision Moth Control


Using specialist techniques and the latest treatments available,

we will eradicate your infestation with the upmost care and precision.

What we offer

  • In-depth site survey with a follow up no obligation quote
  • Removal and disposal of any infested material including fitted carpets and underlay 
  • Professional cleaning of the infested areas
  • Industry-standard residual insecticide treatment
  • Insect desiccant treatment
  • ULV Fumigation
  • Long-term breeding control pheromone programmes
  • Commitment to customer care
  • Industry leading knowledge and pride in what we do
  • Competitive prices for a specialist service

What to look for

  • Moths like warm, dark, undisturbed places
  • They lay their eggs as close to the food source as possible.
    • Under and behind furniture
    • The edges of the floor where the carpet meets the wall…
    • The loft and eaves spaces where offcuts of carpet are often to be found…
  • If moths are present you’ll find larval cases, droppings and frass (a silk-like webbing that looks like cotton wool)
  • If it’s really bad you’ll see the tell-tale bare patches in the carpet. You may even see some larvae and catch them in the act !
  • Our qualified Pest Controllers will know where to look but there’s no reason why you should not do some detective work yourself… but don’t forget to take your torch!

If there is evidence of damage, now is the time to seek specialist help

    Why are there so many Moths around?

    • Textile moths are one of nature’s ‘clean-up’ merchants, clearing away the remains of insects and other animals.
    • This is why they’re attracted to the natural fibres in our homes…carpets, clothes, rugs and throws.
    • Our houses are better insulated than ever before…
    • And winters in the South in recent years have been some of the warmest on record.
    • So, the normal low-level activity which would previously have gone unnoticed…
    • …has recently ballooned into serious infestations.

    “Clothes” and “Carpet” moths are the same thing.

    These “textile moths” feed on anything that contains natural fibres – including: wool, hair, fur and feathers.  Favouring the softest and most natural fibres such as cashmere and merino.
    Monitoring is key. We use Demi-Diamond moth traps which are available in many hardware stores and online.  These monitor numbers in each area of your house. As a rule of thumb, if you are catching more than 1 per day during spring/summer months you have a problem near that trap.


    Treating moth infestations


    Using insecticide is the most common way of controlling these moths.  This involves using chemical compounds of various kinds but delivered in different ways. For example: a fogging spray to kill the flying moths.  A water based insecticide spray to kill the larvae – both contain the same type of insecticide, but are delivered in different ways.  One with tiny airborne particles and the other mixed with the water.

    A professional pest controller has access to some more potent and longer lasting versions of these chemical pesticides.

    Treatment of a house or flat using these insecticides relies on the insect, as a larvae or adult, coming into contact with the toxic element of the compound in a high enough concentration to kill it. So for a chemical treatment to be most effective the insecticide needs to be sprayed, pumped or blown in and on as much of the property as is practically possible. If the treatment coincides with a fitted carpet being replaced then access is made possible to the floorboards and under the floor – this will make a treatment more successful, not only because insecticide can be deployed under the floorboards, but it also gives a chance to get rid of all the eggs and moth debris that will be under the carpet. However, excellent levels of control are still achievable with insecticide without removing a fitted carpet.


    What’s involved in a Chemical treatment for moth?

    1. First is the most underrated tool in every household when it comes to the control of moths is: The vacuum cleaner.
    2. Spraying the carpet or floor (after carpet removal) with a residual insecticide.
    3. Using the insecticide dust where possible
    4. Using a state-of-the-art device to create a very fine aerosol of insecticide (like a fumigation) in all the effected areas of the property
    5. Setting up of moth monitoring traps in every area of the property.

    Pros and cons of Chemical control


    • Immediate reduction in the numbers of moth and larvae.
    • Toxic environment created that will continue to kill larvae emerging after the initial treatment.


    • Introduction of a potentially hazardous substances into human environment.
    • Efficacy of a treatment depends on delivering the insecticide to all areas of a property. This is not always practical (roof voids, under floors and stairs etc).
    • It is not safe to spray clothes with pesticides – and it may damage them too of course!

    All of the products are rigorously tested and have clear instructions as to how and where they can be used. However, if you prefer not to proceed with a chemical treatment, there are alternative ways of treating moth infestations using heat treatment.


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